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Instant Automated Setup On All Rust Servers
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Why Choose Our Rust Server Hosting?
Add Admins With Ease
You can add admins with ease with our very easy to use form. Just paste in your Steam ID and click save.

Oxide Installer And Plugin Installer
You can install Oxide and Oxide plugins with ease with our easy one click installer.

Steam Update
If an update comes out, you can simply click the Steam update button to have your server checked and updated.

We have put many many hours into our Rust server hosting config so that its really easy to change the options on your server. We have a server mod manager so you can install Oxide and Live map easily in a couple of clicks. We constantly are improving our control panel so that your hosting experience is the best it can be and if you think we have missed something simply tell us and we can add whatever functionality you want so you can get your server running perfectly in no time.

The aim of the game in Rust is to survive and thrive in a post nuclear war world. You can build a home, shelter from the cold, build fires, kill animals for food. Find allies on this massivly multiplayer game, Rust has up to 250 slot servers. The most of any online game server. Buy the game here on the Rust Steam store.

Our Rust Hosting Features:
Official Server Provider
Full FTP Access
Easy to use control panel
Lag Free Hosting
Oxide One Click Installer
Oxide Plugin Installer

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Last reviews about MyBlackBoxHosting:
TrustPilot rating 8.3 из 10
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    its a bit early for a review

    its a bit early for a review, but if this is purely on the beginning experience. the admin panel is easy to use but has many many options.
  • user icon
    Fast, relaible service

    I have not had a problem with BlackBoxServers and any minor issues that have occured have been dealt with quickly and in a friendly manner!
  • user icon
    good host

    good host, not sure what the bad reviews are about, they are easy to reach and servers run perfect.

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