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Install Oxide with a single click with our easy to use one-click installer.

Download Steam workshop items with our easy to use tool.

Schedule messages to be sent to your server at a time of your choosing.

We make full backups of your Ark server every day, you will never lose data at GTX.

All of our Rust servers setup instantly. As soon as you have paid you can go to 'My Services' and login immediately.

Unlike a lot of companies, we do not limit the memory on your Rust game server.

We use as standard Intel i7 CPU's for extreme performance in Unity based games. Core speed is the most important factor.

We make extensive use of hardware firewalls and multi-layered DDOS protection to give your server the security it needs.

Automatic 7 Days offsite backups
Oxide and oxide plugins support
Schedule automatic oxide updates
Schedule automatic server backups
MySQL Database Support
phpMyAdmin for MySQL Database
Rust: IO Live map support
Dynamic Wipe and Restore server
Easy settings configurator
64 bits tools per user support
New 2018 echo scripts style
Automatic seven days offsite backup
Dynamic Wipe Server
support for oxide dynamic wipes
Dynamic Restore Server
Support for oxide dynamic restores
Web Rcon support and direct link
Online backup manager support
Schedule broadcast messages
Schedule restart messages
Schedule rcon commands
Schedule wipe server
Schedule backup server
Schedule Oxide update
Oxide support for install and update
MySQL Database Support
Rust IO Live map support
Easy one click repetition fields
More detail descriptions
Server details with all details covered
Gametracker, HLSW direct links

We have put many many hours into our Rust server hosting config so that its easy to change the options on your server. With our mod manager, you have the ability to install Oxide and Live map easily in a couple of clicks. We constantly improve our control panel interface so that your hosting experience is the best it can be and if you think we have missed something simply tell us and we can add whatever functionality you want so you can get your server running perfectly in no time.

The aim of the game in Rust is to survive and thrive in a post nuclear war world. You can build a home, shelter from the cold, build fires, kill animals for food. Find allies in this massively multiplayer game; Rust has up to 250 slot servers. The most of any online game server. Buy the game here on the Rust Steam store.


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TrustPilot rating 4.7 / 5
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    I'm very happy with the service I get from GTX, so no complaints from me.

    I've been using GTX for a few years now for our gaming server, team-speak and website, and recently started using them for my business website as well, customer support for the most part is very good, they are always happy to help where they can, reliability is very good and when there does happen to be an issue at the data-center they get straight on it. generally I'm very happy with the service I get from them, so yep no complaints from me.
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    From the get go i knew gtxgaming would…

    From the get go i knew gtxgaming would be better than my previous hosting service. Support is spot on and my ticket was answered within 3 minutes. 10/10 for configurability. 10/10 support
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    The server is so easy to create And set…

    The server is so easy to create And set up, i had to ask the support a few times, but they answered quick, And that i could get what they mean. Definetly 5 stars