Хостинг игры Rust на Vilayer

Что предоставляет Vilayer для хостинга игры Rust. Локации серверов, отзывы, особенности, цены.

Main features for RUST Game Servers

Our system has 1000s of features that would be impossible to list however here are some of the main ones!

Full Map Support

With the click of a button within our ACP you can change map to any of the maps that the RUST game server supports. You can also upload your own custom maps and configure the servers maplist with ease.

Unlocked Tickrate

With all games that have performance values such as tickrate we offer full control of and ensure 100% that the value you set is what the server performs at.

Unlocked FPS

The same goes for FPS we've unlocked the FPS parameter so you can set it to a value that you want and ensure that as close as possible the value you set is what the server runs at providing the game supports it.

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Некоторые обзоры about Vilayer:
TrustPilot rating 3.1 / 5
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    Very bad experience
    Very bad experience, not recommended to buy here, they charge you for the product, which they do not have in stock, they close the support tickets without answering, they spend the days after paying and without having the service, nor the return of the payment.Buy here is losing money, time and patience.
  • user icon
    One of the best services I've ever used
    I Have had vilayer for some months now, I get the best support I've ever had from a company. The support team helps me with adding plugins or any bugs that I encounter. The servers run fine as I have 5 servers with them I use them for Csgo and I never get any lag problems.
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    Server does not work
    Server does not work. No support. And they wont answer my request for a refund. I tried many hosts, this has been the worst.

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